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How often have you quit smoking with all the best intentions to stay smokefree for life, then find yourself back in the smoking habit within days or, at best, a few weeks?

Does this make you feel like a failure and wonder if you’ll EVER find a way to quit smoking for good?

Well, there’s no need to despair – of the tens of thousands of people who have quit and stayed quit, most of them used to feel the same way as you.  Yet many of them did it “cold turkey” – HOW?  They did it by changing their mind-set and developing the will to quit smoking permanently.


The key to freedom from smoking is already there – in your own mind!  If you want to change something in your life, the best way to start the process is by examining and changing unsupportive beliefs.

When you smoke, you believe that cigarettes have an uncanny ability to offer comfort, “companionship”, stress relief, increased social skills, and entertainment.  At the same time, you relate stopping smoking to feelings of pain, misery and sacrifice – to name just a few “unsupportive” beliefs.   Once a belief has been formed it becomes part of your subconscious “programming” and then invisibly dictates your habits – basically, we all act and behave in accordance with our beliefs.

The result is that you accept and adopt these unhelpful beliefs as facts, when actually they are nothing more than a distorted perception of the truth.


A positive first step in successfully developing the mindset to quit smoking for good involves learning how to pay attention to what you tell yourself and correct unhelpful statements as they occur.  You can condition your mind to build new beliefs and associations that will help you put smoking permanently in the past.

Work with the unhelpful thoughts as soon as they crop up, then change the language and restructure your thoughts in ways that will help you.  For example:

Change:   “I’m bored without cigarettes. Life’s no fun without them”

To:   “At 10 minutes per cigarette, I used to waste nearly 3 hours every single day smoking. It’s great to have my life back.”

Instead of:   “All my friends smoke, it’s not fair, I’m missing out”

Try:   “I bet they wish they could stop smoking like I have. I remember how desperately I wanted to quit every time I lit a cigarette. It’s great to be out of that vicious cycle.”

Replace:   “I feel so irritable. I’m impatient and angry without cigarettes”

With:   “It was the cigarettes that made me irritable in the first place, not the stopping smoking – you don’t hear non-smokers saying that a lack of cigarettes makes them irritable!! It’s just a feeling and it will pass.”

Keep replacing thoughts that don’t help you with thoughts that do and they will start to over-write the faulty subconscious “programming” that has been keeping you stuck.

Smoking cessation is a gift that will reward you with benefits far beyond what you can probably imagine. Believe in yourself. You can do it.

If you live in the Rhyl, Prestatyn, Kinmel Bay and Abergele area of North Wales and feel you need a little help to stop smoking, hypnosis can greatly speed the process of subconscious change.  Hypnosis is a natural state of mental focus in which positive suggestions become at least twenty times more powerful and effective and therefore more readily accepted by the subconscious mind.

Just contact me at Alison Bird North Wales Hypnotherapy, Rhyl
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I am currently offering the 2 hour Easy Quit Smoking Hypnosis session in Rhyl at a reduced price of £95 (down from £150).

At 20 cigarettes a day, it pays for itself in less than a fortnight!

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